Decemeber 22, 2011

Thoughts by Korffer FN

"Who pays for the research that Kal Korff does?"

Korff started things off with the Total Research group, which he “founded” in the late ‘80’s.

The following is a Question and Answer taken from the Korff video “Final Verdict: JFK’s Murder SOLVED.

You will find this at the 13:56 mark in the JFK Tape Two, Part Three:

Question: How is Total Research able to finance this expensive long term research?

Korff’s answer: (looks down at the floor, lets out a long breath of air and starts pacing around the stage) Well, I’m a computer nerd, I’m not married, I have no life, I’ve spent a hundred thousand dollars of my own money doing it so, I am, my hobbies are my relaxation, I pay for it myself.

Keep in mind that back when this ruse started, Korff used to brag about having a group of people behind him, working along side him on all various manner of research. A claim he still makes. To be fair, Korff didn't claim that he does the research alone, but he does make the admission that he pays for it all himself. Free labor? One can only guess.

Having unearthed this fact and truth, read what Korff announced on his Face Book bio:,

President and CEO · Dec 1996 to present is a worldwide metaorganization dedicated to humanitarian causes and furthering positive and peaceful, social development. works with many groups and organizations around the world united in various common causes.

Is it to much of an assumption to assume that when Kalvin Karlton Korff writes this material, that it is only Kalvin behind this metaorganization? Why? This metaorganization seemingly take no issue regarding Kalvin’s behavior.

Behavior like stealing the identity of a Los Angels-based lawyer to try and scare Don Ecker into some kind of action ( LINK

Releasing many dozen videos on Youtube. Videos in which Korff threatens people with law suits and exposure of various kinds.

Calling a decorated soldier (Kevin Randle) a coward while at the same time posing as a fake solider of some sort.

Lying about having dinner with the troops.

Placing fake nanodust in the soil of a country in which he wasn't invited to do so.

And sending naked photos of himself to a woman.


These and many more divisive and yes, cowardly activities and behavior which his organization seem to take no interest it.

To make our case of an on-going fraud, in 2006 Kalvin made a claim that a rich Saudi Sheik Khalid Mohammad was financing his research to the tune of 25 million dollars. No “proper name” was ever given for this sheik, a generic name was thrown out there by Korff and that amounted to nothing.

So which is it? A metaorganization with no publicly announced groups or members of any kind, helping Korff to finance his important work? Or a Saudi Sheik handing over 25 million?, Or both? Or none?

And, which is it; does Korff do all his own research, solo, or does he have a vast group of people to assign all manner of tasks to and to direct at his will? Martina and Avi come to mind.

Big Don Ecker has the answer I think. "It's all horse shit."

So, there you have it, another clear example of Korff making claims and then Korff making statements in public which counter those same claims.

We cannot speak for Kalvin Karlton Korff, all a Korffer can do is dig around and root out the truth based on Korff’s own words and behavior.


January 8, 2007

Kal Korff: I am known as K64 as you know, and I have several "careers" now and draw multiple salaries based on distinctly different kinds of expertise, as I have claimed. On being a Captain, when I retire, a wonderful account in Lichetnstein is waiting for me.