December 26, 2010

A true military professional and hero checks in on Korff.

Our own FN is at it again. He sent off an e-mail to a bona fide American war hero to ask him what his thoughts are on Kornhole Korff.

A section of an e-mail FN sent to, Captain Dale Dye:

Kal Korff, who holds the rank of Colonel in the Israeli-founded Special Secret Services, is the Counter-terrorism Commander for Kidon Unit Aleph, whose jurisdiction includes Prague. The Israeli-founded Special Secret Services (otherwise known as the YS3 or S3 for short) are scheduled to open up their formal office in Prague when Colonel Korff's new trilogy book series Secret Wars is published by Prometheus Books later this year. "SWAT," as the 5.5 year project is code-named, is Kal Korff's seventh, eighth and ninth book respectively. " August 2008.

Mr. Dye, there’s a lot to go over here, but in a very general sense, in your experience, what’s the best way deal with, or to publicly humiliate these guys? We “Korffers” would like to make this guy go away.

While it is a form of entertainment to watch and to comment on that blog about this guy, he’s an irritant, possible more? Or do I read more into this than I should? Ignore him and he’ll go away?

He’s a cyber bully, all threats and hot air but he does pass himself off as some kind of expatriate; doing his part to save the world from islamofascism, etc.

Should we bother at all?

Captain Dale Dye
Subject: Korf Kommando
Date: Tuesday, December 28, 2010 10:39 AM

Hello, FN.  I've got a few spare minutes this week, so I'll try to be helpful regarding your query.  You've run across something that I've seen numerous times in my dealings with the military and military support agencies through the years.

Namely, an expat Israeli who has discovered an American fascination with all things super-secret-spooky-paramilitary, as long as it seems to have Israeli provenance.  For some reason, Americans - uninformed or just plain ignorant Americans - have become convinced since the IDF raid on Entebbe that the Israelis are the end-all and be-all when it comes to clandestine, paramilitary operations. 

The folks who are setting themselves up as bona fides in this regard are usually Israelis living here who did their required time in the IDF and nothing more, but they're driven to set themselves up as Super Spooks.  There are usually two reasons for this:  They have huge self-esteem/ego problems or they are fishing for a way to make money by misrepresenting their background and expertise. 

As your guy doesn't seem to be demanding payment, investment or a job, I'm prone to put him in the latter group.  I think you're dealing with a whack-job.  I've done some cursory checking with my genuine sources and gotten nothing but laughter for the inquiry.  The outfit he's claiming to be a member of just doesn't exist, except perhaps in his mind. 

That's my take.  As to what to do about it? Ignore him.  Don't feed into his fantasy by challenging it.  Guys like this thrive on controversy and challenge to their dream-state.  When that disappears and it's obvious no one is taking him seriously, or paying any attention at all, they just disappear.

Hope you had a Merry Christmas.  D

Who is Captain Dale Dye?

Military service: includes thirteen years as an enlisted Marine; was in Vietnam in 1965 and from 1967 through 1970 surviving 31 major combat operations.
Military honors: include three Purple Hearts for wounds suffered in combat.

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