Kalvin Korff's Web Site(s)

July, 2006 ~ Korff re-launch his personal web site while living in the CZ. The web site was built using a well known template-based web site building package called Joomla. For anyone else this wouldn't be an issue but this isn't just anyone that we're exposing. Korff positions himself as an IT Expert; trained in all manner of graphics, web site authoring, photography, image and media management, etc. So it came as a surprise that a person with Korff's tech pedigree would use, what is essentially an "off the shelf" "web-based" "hand holding" tool to build his site.

The look of Korff's site changed on a regular bases; the background would be switched out, the menu scheme would change, news feeds we're added and then taken away. The site was plagued by slow loading speeds. The code was bad, the image format was wrong, too many news feed embeds and too many Youtube videos embeds slowed the site down to a crawl.

As far as content, Korff would post endless promises and deadlines, most never followed through with. And yes, he would post hundreds of Youtube music links and documentary links and he would post the types of threats we've already seen on this web site.

What is very interesting is Korff's behaviour when dealing with web site hosting companies and his choice of a web site hosting company now. Korff's site was running pretty "smoothly" for a few years and then the area of the server he was renting got hacked. Here's the image they posted on his front index page.

Korff Web Site Klaims

Kal Korff: I own dozens of domains and they ALL point to kalkorff.com.


In truth, Korff owns (or owned) the URL's we've listed here. There maybe a few more we've forgotten but it's certainly not dozens.

Korff also made the claim on many occasions that many of these site we're stand alone sites; sites which had specific data per that URL and data found any where else. Obviously a lie, which Korff himself confirms with his own words.

January, 2009 ~ Korff Web Site Data Lie

Kal Korff: "I own dozens of domains and they ALL point to kalkorff.com."

Kal Korff: " We are still moving things over, there is criticalthinkers.org and kalkorff.com which are different."

The majority of these sites never saw the light of day, never used at all, or possible a single index page, etc.

A short time after this attack happened, Korff was then forced to moved his data off of that server because Michael Horn contacted the company and told them he didn't appreciate the threats against Horn that were posted on Korff's site. Mr. Horn had already had many run-ins with Korff over the Billy Meier Contact and UFO case. Here's an example of one. LINK And here's a threat to sue Mr. Horn for Consumer Fraud, which never did happen. LINK

Simply stated, the UK-based hosting company wanted Korff to remove the material regarding Mr. Horn. Instead of being reasonable, Korff responded to their request with Klassic Korff Behaviour. The hosting company wasn't buying any of it and they closed down Korff's site.

Korff than moved his data onto the server of a company called: 1st Amendment Hosting. This company prides itself in giving free web site place away to those persons or groups with strong view points (and no money), who can't buy space anywhere because of there possibly bigoted, racist and hatred-based views, beliefs and data.

Why would Korff choose a company like this? For two reasons; he can't afford to pay for the space or the band-width and his behaviour and data on the internet is very suspect and not well received but the public in general and by web hosting companies as well.

Here's what Korff's site looked like before the server was hacked and wiped clean. Notice Korff was still using the Ufo WatchCat moniker even though at this time (July 27, 2011) a Korffer had bought the URL name from out from under Korff and had started to use that name (and www.freekurtis.org) to present this web sites information to the interested.

Again, Korff stating that his other sites have different data, but that's a lie. All URL's point to Kalkorff.com.

When Korff used to have a segment on the X-Zone radio show, Korff would call from a pay phone down the street.

That URL Korff is talking about, that would be his Secret Wars Youtube Channel.

What about now? Where is Korff's site?

Well, his hosting service got hacked and their hard drives got wiped clean. In response they quit the business. Here are the Face Book posts Korff posted to try and cover up the fact that his service got put out of business and he's out of cash.

Korff hasn't commented about his web site since December 2, 2011, and as we author this in February, 2012, Korff still has no personal template web site. In any case, Korff doesn't really need a personal web site. He can post things to Face Book and Youtube and he can post his articles to www.scibd.com, all for free. And, since he's a terrible web site builder, why bother?

A claim by Korff that his template web site was under attack. Please note that these videos was the last "Korff-made" video Korff has posted to his you tube channel since March of last year, 2011. Korff is running scared that Korffers' will poach and re edit his videos with the truth. Korff would be right. Also, Korff doesn't post these videos on his own site because; he can't afford the bandwidth, and he doesn't know how to embed videos into his template code that don't originate on Face Book.

One of the best ways to prove the lies, claims and Krazy of Korff is to go back an inspect his web site over a span years and behaviour. LINK