A Real Hero vs A Real Fraud

Major Kevin Randle is a bona fide hero. Randle has served his country for decades. Randle has also been interested in and a researcher of note in the UFO subject. These two facts were enough for Korff to behave in a very petty manner, lashing out against the type of person with a pedigree Korff wishes he could wave from the pole.

Korff started out "auditing" Randle's book on the Roswell case:

"The Truth About The UFO Crash at Roswell"

Here's the link for the first of what turned out to a 22 part series on Randle.

UFO WatchCat - The Scandals Of Kevin Randle - Episode 1

On the surface, Korff's presentation method really wasn't a problem, and dare I say it, a refreshing way to go about presenting your information; go over the whole book and present point-for-point your issues with the material. Way to go Kalvin.

The problem was, Korff couldn't set aside his envy of Randle's real world military activities, something Korff wants very badly. So, an exercise and presentation format which really could have been useful was supplanted by Korff immense ego and his childish behaviour to lash back against anyone more successful than he.

Korff then made a claim, way back in 2007, that he would have a firm named KPMG audit all of Randle's work. This never happened, even though Korff crowed about this threat for a number of years.

July 31, 2007 - Kal Korff: " Martina, who will be with me for the filming of the KPMG randle audit tomorrow, she'll take her own footage."

August 1, 2007: Kal Korff: "The formal audit of Kevin Randle BEGAN today, I enclose an image from the KPMG announcement at their office and with their blessing that we did.

Here is Korff standing in front of the KPMG office in Europe. Again, this audit never happened. Why? Because someone would have to pay for it and Korff can't, he's broke. LINK

Korff made a remark regarding Mr. Randle's Phd., Korff called it phony. What does Mr. Randle have to say about this statement?

From: KRandle
To: FN
Subject: Re: Phd
Date: Thursday, January 19, 2012 9:07 AM

Good Morning, FN -

Well, all I can say is that the Ph.D. was good enough for the Army so why shouldn't it be challenged by Kal Korff, that expert in everything.

Seriously, it comes from California Coast University which is a Distance Learning college and is accredited by the US Government's Distance Learning organization. You can
learn all that by visiting their web site and getting their precise accreditation.

I have never suggested that this is anywhere nearly as impressive as having such a degree from Harvard, but it is a legitimate degree... and if that isn't good enough for Korff, high school graduate that he is, well, who really cares? I also have a MA from the American Military University and that degree was tougher to earn that my bachelor degree from the University of
Iowa. So, if you want, you could wipe out the post graduate degrees and I still have a college degree, which, once again
puts me ahead of Korff... and are you sure he actually graduated high school (just kidding)?

I will point out that I did write a dissertation (The Influence of
Preexisting Belief in UFOs on the Identification of Ambiguous Astronomical and Meteorological Stimuli) and I believe the title was tougher than the research.

So Korff, paintball warrior challenges my service in Iraq, calls me a coward because I won't debate him (and then he backs out at the last minute) and can you think of worse charge to level at a
serving officer than cowardice, belittles my research on Roswell while making stuff up (read a paragraph from one of my books that said Bill Brazel saw an article about his father on the front
page of the Albuquerque newspaper and then said, no, Mack Brazel's picture didn't appear on the front page of any regional newspaper... couldn't even keep it straight for thirty seconds, and BTW, Mack Brazel's picture did appear on the front page of the Roswell Daily Record so he was wrong about that), and in the end all he can do is pretend to be a military officer, and now a journalist.

Hope this was comprehensive enough for you... as I say, take a look at the university's web site to see that it is accredited.



Mr. Randle has responded to a lot of Korff's claims and actions, Mr. Randle took the high road as best he could. You can read Korff items from his blog. LINK

Here's an e-mail where Mr. Randle comments upon Korff's behaviour.

12/20/2010 9:40:41 A.M.

Good Afternoon,

It is clear to me that Korff is deluded. I can't believe that he believes that anyone would believe anything that he says. He threatens people and then turns around and claims that he doesn't do that sort of thing. He called me a coward and then said he respects those of us who have
served our nation in a combat role.

Everything I see suggests that he lives in a reality of his own, on a planet of his own design. He just doesn't bother with remembering what he said yesterday, which will be contradicted tomorrow.

I'm not sure what else to say. Everything is interesting... but it doesn't seem to stop him.


Major Kevin Randle was asked to give us his thoughts regarding this e-mail Korff has claimed to have sent to his publisher, Prometheus Books. LINK

Date: Saturday, January 07, 2012 12:13 PM
From: KRandle993@aol.com
To: FN
Subject: Re: Please comment

Good afternoon,

I'm not sure what you expect here. The "fake" letter to the publisher is  so full of self promotion and self delusion to be nearly impossible to believe. I read it a couple of times and it seems to fully unaware of what has gone on before. I don't think he ever sent it to the publisher, but wrote it to prove what an important guy he is...

I will note that in today's world, everything is done digitally. With my 
last book, I don't think I ever saw a printed page... it was all done over the Internet. When I was  working on my Ph. D dissertation, I copied everything into emails and sent them to myself so the data wouldn't be
lost if my computer crashed... not to mention the other digital back ups I  made. I do not know why anyone would hand carry anything anymore. It's just too simple to use  the Internet.

There isn't much in the way of military comment to make because there isn't really anything of significance in his letter. The one thing I found mildly  interesting was that the Iranians would target Tel Aviv rather than Jerusalem... but Muslims think of  Jerusalem as a holy city and
wouldn't attack it.

And, of course is his anti-American leanings... those are quite clear.

And it is interesting that he admits to being forced out of Prague which 
explains his move to India.

Of course someone with his background would not be permitted by the 
military or the intelligence community any access to classified material. He's just too much of a loose  cannon. Not to mention that he keeps talking about releasing classified information into a public arena. He doesn't seem to understand that with the war on terrorism, he won't be charged in a public court and that any hearing would be classified.

Anyway, the whole thing just struck me as someone wanting others to think  of him as some kind of master spy working on his own and showing up those with training.  It just doesn't ring true to me, but then I have seen all the other lies he has told...

I will note, however, that he has moved from his super secret services 
colonel persona into his international journalist persona... and has forgotten about the  other.

Hope this helps and am waiting to see the whole expose.


You can find more Randle vs Korff information on the Kal is an Idiot Youtube Channel under the Don Ecker sub-channel. LINK